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Red Plains was the second Spark of Genius North East children’s homes commissioned within the Joint Venture partnership. Red Plains provides a nurturing family home for children and young people to thrive. The staff team also works alongside King Edwin School by providing opportunities for young people to receive a consistent care and education experience if necessary.

Red Plains is set in a residential area and can accommodate up to 5 children or young people aged between 8 and 18 years old. Red Plains is a beautiful home creating authentic warmth and a very welcoming environment – it has a large garden area for young people to enjoy themselves outdoors. Each young person has their own bedroom as well as a number of communal areas if they require time away or simply to read. All children are encouraged to individualise their own bedrooms by expressing their own personality and character whilst sharing their views on how the rest of the house should look.

The staff team at Red Plains offers a diverse background of working experience in all aspects of social care and education. Emotional intelligence is fundamental to meeting outstanding outcomes for young people therefore the staff team will promote emotional intelligence in their everyday working practice and actively support the young people to develop theirs. This is achieved in a multi-layered approach; everything from creating a sense of belonging to supporting young people to develop an emotional vocabulary will be the foundations of the work achieved within the home.

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