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Stockon joint Ventue

Joint Venture

Spark of Genius has established a joint venture partnership with Stockton Borough Council to deliver care and education to children with complex needs. The purpose of the partnership is to provide additional services, which allows children and young people to remain within their own locality, minimising the number of children sent to specialist provision outwith the Stockton area. The partnership will allow children and young people to have more opportunities to integrate into their communities, with which they are more familiar whilst maintain links with family and siblings whenever appropriate.

Spark of Genius North East provides specialist education and residential care resources to support vulnerable children and young people. Childcare is provided in beautiful houses located in semi-rural and urban areas, with each house supporting a maximum of five residents.

Our pupils are educated in high quality learning environments offering qualifications across a range of academic and vocational subjects. Our approach is evidenced by very good outcomes, improved attendance levels, enhanced qualifications, improved quality of health and well-being, further education placements and training opportunities, university places and successful employment.

Every good parent knows that children require a safe and secure environment in which to thrive. We protect and support our children against the perils and risks of life. We are ambitious for them; we want them to reach their potential. We celebrate and share in their achievements. A child who is cared for by the Local Authority has the right to expect everything from a corporate parent that would be expected from a good parent.

Stockton Council’s Corporate Parenting Strategy

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