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Fairview was our first Spark of Genius North East children’s homes commissioned within the Joint Venture partnership. Fairview provides a warm and welcoming home for children and young people aged between 8 and 18 years old. Fairview also works alongside King Edwin School by providing opportunities for young people to receive a consistent and meaningful care and education package.

The house is set in a village not far from the town centre and can support a maximum of five young people. All children/young people have their own personalised bedroom and have access to all communal facilities in the home. The children and young people have their say on how the living areas in the home look and feel.

All staff at Fairview have undertaken a rigorous recruitment process along with an intense two-week induction programme. The staff team have a variety of experience and knowledge in the field of social care.

Fairview strives to provide excellent care for the children and young people by ensuring that all staff understand how to implement current legislation and guidance to meet the specific needs of the children and young people allowing the children and young people to have the finest opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Our teams are very pro-active in their ways of managing issues faced by children and young people on a day-to-day basis – thinking creatively to overcome certain challenges by using alternative methods to achieve the desired objective.

Whenever necessary, Fairview staff will access the appropriate external services if it enhances our support a child by providing a solution to a difficult experience they may have had. All children and young people are treated as individuals using a person-centred approach, thus allowing optimum opportunities for them to reach their maximum potential.

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